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The 8th conference of China Instrument and Meter Industry Association was successfully held
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    During 26th – 27th October, the 8th member representative conference of China Instrument and Meter Industry Association was held in Jiangxi Gongqingcheng city. Nearly 300 repsentitives in instrument industry throughout country attended. The General Assembly elected Comrade Mr Wu of China Silian Instrument and Meter Group Co., Ltd. as the chairman of the Eighth Session of the Council and elected Comrade Mr Li as the Secretary-General of the Eighth Session of the Council. The meeting of the board of supervisors elected Mr Liu as the supervisor of the board of supervisors.

    In the same time the meeting of the 2019 instrument industry's development was held, From the macroeconomic situation,,"One Belt and One Road", industrial Internet, artificial intelligence and information perception, SME e-commerce, industry and financial capital, corporate restructuring and transformation and upgrading, the company will bring forward-looking perspectives and experience sharing. This meeting was held together by the China Instrument and Meter Industry Association and the city government. 




    Zhao Fengjie, deputy researcher of the Equipment Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League Committee, Mayor Lu Zhixuan, chairman of the China Instrument and Meter Industry Association, and Wu Peng, general manager of China Silian Instrument and Meter Group Co., Ltd. delivered a speech.


    Zhang Qi, Director of the Foreign Economic Research Department of the Development Research Center of the State Council, Wang Licheng, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Huali Group Co., Ltd., Jian Jian, Founder of Zhongkong Technology Group, Mao Lei, General Manager of Ningbo Yongxin Optical Co., Ltd., Head of Precision Instruments, Tsinghua University Professor Wang Xue, professor and doctoral supervisor, Liu Wei, executive deputy director of National Engineering Research Center of Sensors, Shenyang Instrument Science Research Institute, Song Hongjun, senior researcher of SDIC Innovation Investment Management Co., Ltd., and Mr Ding, chairman of Hangzhou Supmea Automation Co., Ltd. The big coffee brought a wonderful speech and received high attention and appreciation from the audience.


    Mr. Ding, introduced the successful experience and business model of SUPMEA from the logic terms of timing, Geography and People. At the same time, he shared his own experience and gains in detail, and proposed the instrumentation e-commerce. With unique opinions, the future market is promising.

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