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SIN-PH-5014 pH sensor
  • SIN-PH-5014 pH sensor
  • SIN-PH-5014 pH sensor
  • SIN-PH-5014 pH sensor
SIN-PH-5014 pH sensor
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Applications: PH-5014 sensor is made of pH sensitive glass film resistant to hydrofluoric acid.The application of this sensor is not only for the determination of pH value in water containing hydrofluoric acid, but also in the dilution control of hydrofluoric acid in semiconductor wafer manufacturing and chip production.It can also be used in the petrochemical industry, iron and steel waste water and other corrosive systems in the determination of pH value.

SIN-PH-5014 water analyzer instrument ph glass sensor electrode

The PH-5014 ph sensor (Ph electrode) consists of a pressure-resistant hemispherical pH-sensitive
membrane, an intermediate dielectric composed of complex gum GMT, an Ag/AgCL/KCL external
reference system, and an OPEN liquid junction without salt bridge, which is widely used in pure
water and high purity water as well as complex chemical processes.
Special suitable for:
1. Water with less impurities
2. PH value between 6-7 ph
3. The temperature between 0--130℃
Its widely used in:
pure water
high purity water
Electrode interface S8, VP, K2, etc.
Zero potential point 7 ± 0.5 pH
Conversion coefficient > 98%
Membrane resistance <50, 250ΜΩ
Practical response time < 1 min
Measurement range 0--14 pH
Salt bridge OPEN salt bridge without liquid junction
Temperature compensation  Pt100/Pt1000/NTC10K
Temperature 0--130℃
Thread Connection PG13.5
Pressure resistance 0 ~ 6 Bar at 0 ~ 100℃; ≥ 10 Bar at 25 ℃

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