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SIN-PH-5011 pH sensor
  • SIN-PH-5011 pH sensor
  • SIN-PH-5011 pH sensor
  • SIN-PH-5011 pH sensor
SIN-PH-5011 pH sensor
Category: pH sensor
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Applications: Increasing the silver ion at the reference sensor part, to enhance the stability and accuracy, suitable for general industrial waste water and discharge solutions.

SIN-PH-5011 low cost composite ph electrode ph sensor plastic

PH-5011 ph sensor(ph eletrode) increases the silver ion enthalpy at the reference end to enhance
the stability level accuracy. It can resist weak acid and weak alkali solution, and is suitable for
general industrial sites and discharge solutions.
Special suitable for:
1. liquid with weak acid and weak alkali
2. liquid with high pressure
3. Temperature between 0-60 ℃
Its widely used in:
· chemical industry
· metallurgical industry
· environmental project
· food testing
· tap water
· domestic sewage treatment
Zero potential point 7±0.25
Conversion coefficient ≥95%
Membrane resistance <500Ω
Practical response time< 1 min
Measurement range 0--14 pH
Temperature compensation Pt100/Pt1000/NTC10K
Temperature 0~60℃
Reference Ag/AgCl Fig. 9
Pressure resistance 4 bar at 25 ℃
Thread Connection 3/4NPT
Material PPS/PC

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