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SIN-PH-5017  pH Sensor
  • SIN-PH-5017  pH Sensor
  • SIN-PH-5017  pH Sensor
  • SIN-PH-5017  pH Sensor
SIN-PH-5017 pH Sensor
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SIN-PH-5017 digital water composite ph sensor ph electrode price

The PH-5017 ph sensor (ph electrode) uses a cylindrical pH-sensitive membrane made of alkali-
resistant glass by blowing. The external reference electrolyte system is composed of pre-
charged gel PFT/GFT, which can withstand the osmotic pressure of up to 6 Bar. The electrode
is widely used in various chemical processes including chlor-alkali, mining and smelting,
papermaking, paper pulp, textiles, petrochemical industry and semiconductor electronic industry
as well as fields such as biotechnology and wastewater treatment.
Special suitable for:
1. An aggressive liquid such as strong acid and alkali
2. liquid which osmotic pressure is high
3. Temperature betwen 0-130℃
Its widely used in:
· chlor-alkali
· mining and smelting
· papermaking, paper pulp
· textiles
· petrochemical industry
· semiconductor industry
· wastewater treatment

Connector VP, S8M, K2, etc.
Zero potential point 7 ± 0.25 pH
Conversion coefficient > 98%
Membrane resistance <600ΜΩ
Practical response time < 1 min
Measurement range 0--14 pH
Temperature compensation  Pt100/Pt1000/NTC10K
Temperature 0—130℃
Pressure resistance up to 6 Bar at 25 ℃
Thread Connection PG13.5

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