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SIN-PH6.0 pH meter
  • SIN-PH6.0 pH meter
  • SIN-PH6.0 pH meter
  • SIN-PH6.0 pH meter
  • SIN-PH6.0 pH meter
SIN-PH6.0 pH meter
Category: pH meter
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Applications: Bio-pharmaceutical, Farming,Sea-culture,Freshwater aquaculture. Municipal sewage, industrial wastewater, surface water



* 2.8 inches 128*64 lattice screen.
* Isolating transmitting output, with little interference.
* Isolating RS485 communication.
* Can be PH / ORP measurement, temperature measurement, upper and lower limit control, transmission output, RS485 communication.
* Configurable manual and auto temperature offset function.
* Configurable upper/lower limit warning and delay.
* Configurable hummer and LCD backlight switch.
* Addition of universal password.

* Industrial controlled door keep, to avoid instrument halted.

pH & ORP controller for hydroponic:

Hydroponic systems could better diagnose problems and better understand the evolution of their hydroponic crops. Automating measuring instruments are not only having sensors that can take readings at predefined intervals but also making sure that the reading from these sensors are stored so that they can be used for analysis and diagnosis later on. 

It provides reliable dosing when required to maintain a constant pH level in a hydroponic system. And alarm function and relay to keep the requirement value.

If you want to perform automated monitoring then you would definitely want to buy pH, ORP, ambient temperature, solution temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide sensors. We can also provide other instruments to you.


pH & ORP controller for water treatment:

Wastewater treatment often consists of removing heavy metals and/or organic compounds from effluent streams. pH adjustment by addition of acidic/basic chemicals.

At an acidic pH the excess of positive hydrogen and metal ions have nothing to bond with and float around in the water, never settling. At a neutral pH the hydrogen ions are bonded with the hydroxide ions to form water while the metal ions remain. At a basic pH the excess hydroxide ions bond with the metal ions to form metal hydroxides which can be removed through filtering or settling. In addation the pH of water can be used to kill off bacteria in wastewater.


Button Name
Function description
Check related warning status on the “monitoring page”
Return to previous level page in the up& down level page linked to “menu page”
Make a recurrent selection of digit of parameters
Remove the original indication value in the “conductivity calibration page”
Enter the MENU on the “monitoring page”
Exit the MENU on the “menu page”
Select the related menu on the “menu page”
Modify the values in the configuration state
Enter the sub-menu or confirm modification on the “menu page”

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